Frequently Asked Questions

Please read our FAQ before sending us a message.

The buy in starts at $100 several weeks prior to the tournament and increases $5 per week until it reaches $135 which is the same price you pay as a walk-in. We encourage you to register early and provide us with your email so we can notify you as soon as early registration is available.

No you cannot pay your Buy-In online. Indiana Gaming Commission rules state that you cannot pay for a buy-in with a credit card, it must be in cash the day of the tournament. Please bring enough cash to pay for your Buy-In and any Add-Ons and Rebuys you may want. Add-Ons and Rebuys are $80 ea and you can do one of each of these per session before the end of the first break.

Email the Westfield Lions Club at and we will re-send it to you.


Email the Westfield Lions Club @ and let us know what session you would like to attend and we can switch it for you. We have also added a new feature which allows you to edit your reservation!  Just go to the “Reserve a Seat” page and you can alter your session!

Keep your player card. If you want to play in another session, you will get a discount on the Buy-In. You will have to show your initial payer card to get a discount. Your player card also acts as a receipt if needed for tax purposes.

No.  Make absolutely sure you provide your high hand (if that occurs) and your cell phone number so we can contact you if you win.  If we cannot contact you, we will have to award high hand to the last prior high hand.  Please do not leave the premises without providing your contact information.

Contact Information


Phone: 317-804-1875

Mail:  Westfield Lions Club, P.O. Box 349 , Westfield, IN 46074